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The Consumer Shift toward Healthier and more Sustainable Food Choices

The 1970’s saw the emergence of increased reliance on processed foods, sugary beverages, and edible oils. Over the next twenty-five years, physical activity greatly decreased, too. Whilst these changes were well underway by the mid 1990’s, their effects would not become known until the inevitable epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and malnutrition. Environmentally, the impact was similarly staggering with production of plastic increasing exponentially. An analysis of different governments’ guidelines reveals that healthy diets are also sustainable diets. What is good for the environment is, typically, good for us. This is important because debates regarding healthier food choices often juxtapose the two and this fact reveals common ground. An example of the increased interest in healthy food choices is the booming popularity of organic food, having increased sales five-fold since the year 2000.


While the information has been available for some time, the average consumer does not tend to indulge in nutritional and/or environmental literature very often. That is, not until it becomes more pressing and urgent. Enter the Covid-19 pandemic. It is widely known that obesity puts one at a significantly increased risk of adverse outcomes from Covid-19 and that nutrient deficiencies result in same. With a highly contagious virus circulating, and obesity and malnutrition as prevalent as they are, it was only natural that interest in healthier food choices would surge. Among the areas consumers reported taking more interest in were: the gut health and immune function connection, plant-based foods, and weight management. It appears that our education about the virus has resulted in a greater understanding of our bodily and environmental needs. The virus effectively ‘raised the bar’ in terms of what most people consider ‘healthy’ to mean. While before, one may have ‘gotten away’ with obesity or malnutrition, the odds were less favorable with Covid-19 rampant.


Even before Covid-19, a discernible trend had emerged among consumers: a desire for transparency. Consumers increasingly want to know what is in the food they are eating, and where it is from. There is a call for shorter ingredient lists and less chemical names, emulsifiers, agents, etc. It appears that as consumers become more affluent, there is increased consumer concern about social and environmental impacts. The previously mentioned increase in organic food sales, for example, came partly from concerns about excessive pesticide and herbicide use in farming. Another key area of transparency is nutrient content: soil depletion from mass farming has resulted in less nutritious crops, meaning one must eat more today to get the same nutrients one’s ancestors were getting. This is infrequently mentioned yet is important so that one may take steps to correct potential deficiencies.


There has been a shift toward healthier and more sustainable food choices over the past twenty years. Healthier food choices are generally more sustainable food sources, according to most government guidelines. A desire for transparency is among the chief factors driving consumer change in the area. Covid-19 greatly accelerated interest in healthy, sustainable food choices, given heightened associated risks. More people are opting for healthy meal plan delivery to their homes instead of ordering fast and easy junk food, and the choices have become plentiful for healthy delicious options – especially since meal plans are catered to your tastes.

The Benefits of Organic Wine and Organic vs. Non-Organic

As an avid wine drinker, you’ve likely encountered several articles and influencers who strongly advocate organic wine. Numerous wine enthusiasts have switched over to the more natural side as well. However, relying on such statistics alone won’t help you much when it comes to deciding. Are you among the many individuals who wonder why the organic wine industry is currently booming? Let’s explore some benefits of drinking organic wine below.

What Makes Such Wines Organic

Just like many other wine products, organic wine historically comes from farm-fresh grapes. The harvesting and fermenting processes implemented for these grapes primarily determine whether a wine is organic or not. Not only that, but wine products should also comply with specified standards before they can carry the “organic” label.

Some people think that just because these wines are organic automatically means they don’t have additives and are vegan-friendly. However, that is very likely not the case in most situations. Other organic wine products include egg whites, yeast, rennet, and more. You should probably take the time to inspect the ingredients list, especially if you are vegan.

The Benefits of Organic Wine

We can now move on to some of organic wine’s numerous benefits, now that you know what makes these wines organic.

Contains Little to No Harmful Additives

Non-organic wines sometimes contain synthetic additives, GMOs, and sulfites. The particular ones you should look out for among these controversial add-ons are sulfites. Experts generally recommend minimizing sulfite intake since this substance can trigger allergic reactions. The good thing is that a bottle of organic wine typically has little to no additives.

Not Harmful to the Environment

Unlike the processes involved in making non-organic wine, those utilized for producing organic variants are much friendlier to the environment. Organic farming practices also help the soil fight harmful contaminants, and this promotes long-term biodiversity. Eco-conscious folks surely won’t go wrong in opting for organic wines instead.

Lower Alcohol Content

It is safe to say that the majority of wine drinkers love wine for its unique taste. Considering that organic wines usually have less alcohol, drinking a little too much won’t require you to deal with a pesky hangover. The lower alcohol content would allow you to savor another glass of wine without feeling guilty.

Improved Overall Health

Drinking wine in moderation might help you achieve improved overall health. Organic wine contains high levels of a specific antioxidant called resveratrol. This type of stilbenoid can improve heart health, fight free radicals, decrease triglyceride levels, protect against diabetes, and many more. Nevertheless, following a healthy diet is still crucial in attaining good health.

Organic Wine vs. Non-Organic Wine

Excessive doses of alcohol alone can take a toll on your health. By consuming non-organic wine, you’ll make the situation even worse by taking in harmful additives. The human body can only do so much when it comes to eliminating such substances. Why don’t you do yourself a favor by going for organic wine products? Doing so would let you enjoy the flavorful taste of fermented grapes with no regrets.

5 New Fast Food Shops that are making noise

Dedicated fans of fast food always want to know what else is new. They are searching for the top ranked fast food shops on the market. There are new rising leaders that want to make a difference today. Check to see what new fast food icons are ready to make their debut. That could change the way that people look at fast food on the whole. There are many new fast food shops that are going to be a success. Fans should put their effort in to supporting the new ideas. They will be pleased by the options that they see offered to them.

By Chloe:

A new vegan fast food restaurant is starting a trend. The founders raised $31 million and hope to expand their locations. They currently have 12 shops based in cities like NYC, Los Angeles and Boston. The group hopes to popularize vegan food for new fans. There are groups hoping to expand the availability of the food selection in time. Expect to see over a dozen new restaurants open up in cities across America. By Chloe is a shining beacon of vegan fast food treats. True vegan fanatics will want to give By Chloe a chance in short order.


Come see why fast foodies rave about Leon in the United Kingdom. It is a food chain that specializes in European favorites in their stores. Now Leon is coming to the United States and will share the food with new fans. Expect to see a full English breakfast on the menu, which includes beans and sausage alongside a fried egg. There is also Lebanese options and a Moroccan dish to try. Breakfast is a popular choice, but all day menu items are also included with the choice. Leon will be serving drinks that appeal to European food fans as well.

The Kitchenette:

The new restaurant was founded by Kimbal Musk, the brother of famous entrepreneur Elon Musk. That should catch the attention of modern people who want to try something new in time. The Kitchentte serves a wide variety of lunch items for just $5 at max. New patrons can sit outside and enjoy the warm weather at the restaurant. It is located in Memphis, TN and caters to the needs of people who are interested in that option. The Kitchenette is at the visitor’s center of Shelby Farms Park:


An interesting new concept is being touted by Eatsa. It is an automated food service that invites people to order their own food. They can just use their iPad device to place an order. The vegetarian chain is making it even easier to order food. That will make the experience much fun to people.

Veggie Grill:

There is a new vegan cafe that is making some big claims. They claim their vegan burgers taste better than the Big Mac. That is a bold claim indeed, but fans are giving their support to it. Veggie Grill has some cheap options and people are intrigued too.

The Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef nutrition entails allowing your animals to graze and also forage so as to acquire their own nutrients. It’s actually a kind of a traditional cattle rearing practice that is trusted for the quality meat. Notably, the kind of food that the cattle takes in will actually dictate the leanness, quality and also the nutrients contained in the meat. There is always an advantage when the beef cattle take in natural nutrients since all these animals are naturally vegetarians and they will always rely on grazing for their nutrition. The only additives that might be given to supplement may include the alfalfa in some seasons such as the winter so as to supplement the diet but it always ensured that it’s an almost natural supplement.

Grass-fed beef does really give amazing health benefits to the consumers! The kind of quality that we get from this type of beef is really highly rated and you will enjoy the following merits;

The increased amount of conjugated linoleic acids

Grass-fed cuts do really contain very high proportions of the conjugated linoleic acids. Research has really proven it to have 300% more linoleic acids than other substitutes. When you feed your beef cattle with this amazing food, it means that the quality of the meat that you will get is rich in linoleic acid content that has amazing health benefits to the humans! Firstly, the CLA actually minimizes the risk of heart diseases and also cancer. It is also a fat burning content that will actually ensure that the individual stay fit all the time since the lean body mass is maintained!

More Omega -3

Omega -3 fats are actually a rare type of fats that are commonly found in the oily fish. Grass-fed beef does contain 3 times omega 3 contents than grains fed beef. The meat that we get from the grass-fed beef is rich in these good fats that have greater benefits in our bodies that do give a health advantage. The merits include the lowering of the blood pressure, gaps issues associated with depression as well as preventing cancer!

Rich in vitamins

Vitamins do really offer amazing health advantages especially in improving the immune system! Grass-fed beef does contain large amounts of the vitamins such as the vitamin E and the vitamin A. These vitamins are actually the best for improving the functioning of the immune system. When the immune is well taken care of it means you are assured of the good health of all organs including the skin and also the eyes. It’s really a rare advantage that we get out of the beef meat.

Source of antioxidants

Grass-fed beef does contain rare nutrients such as the carotenoids. These nutrients are actually fetched from the green pigments of the grass. Carotenoids such as the carotene are really very important as an antioxidant in our bodies. The grass fed beef is really rich in this antioxidants and your health will enjoy these benefits from the grass-fed beef.

The healthy fat advantage

Notably, the grass-fed beef contains healthy fats that are actually useful to the body than the grain fed beef. Grain fed beef does have a large volume of fats that can actually clock the arteries that will, in turn, cause the heart disease. With the grass-fed beef, this problem is really taken care off and there is no risk of such issues.

To conclude, it’s really worth rearing the grass-fed animals since it’s actually a traditional way that will really supply the natural contents into the consumer’s system and therefore it possesses to health hazards! Though the process might be time-consuming, it does offer a greater range of advantages and takes care of the reputation that is always associated with the grass-fed beef!

The Best Drinks and Food Spots in Southeast Asia

If you’re planning an eating trip to Southeast Asia then that is a bloody marvelous plan. Southeast Asia has continuously been a foodie destination. There are a lot of exciting restaurants than ever before and a few of the best bars in the world that offers quality drinks and foods. thus here’s a bit guide that may assist you eat around Southeast Asian like a professional.

The Coconut Club

A popular breakfast dish in Southeast Asian. It’s designed around rice steamed in coconut milk and pandan served with a spicy sambal belachan relish, and different condiments and side dishes, most typical of that area unit little deep-fried anchovies with peanuts; deep-fried eggs; deep-fried chicken; and steamed spicy fish mousse. The Coconut Club is comparatively new however has created serious waves for its dedication to solely using the most effective ingredients and perfecting each component of this dish. while pricey, it’s simply the best version of this dish on the island.

Where: No. 6 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069787

The Peached tortilla

The Peached tortilla effortlessly fuses Southerneast Asian food with Asian-inspired flavors, just like the banh mi tacos and different street food favorites.
Where to find it
5520 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78756
(512) 222-8781
Bun Belly
Bun Belly’s menu offers a mixture of ancient Vietnamese cooking and up to date dishes. relishes the person bun sliders.
Where to find it:
5001 airport Blvd
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 358-4101


Is an Asian brekkie which may not be specifically your cup of tea. Don’t worry. a brand new generation of restaurant homeowners, several of whom studied and worked in Melbourne, has ushered during a new wave of coffee appreciation and Aussie-style cafes.

My favorite is Ronin, a small, dark hideaway within the center of the business district with no signage and a cool, inventive people. Ronin offers a variety of sandwiches and two hot dishes that area unit handily the best scrambled eggs and also the best French toast on the island. The coffee is additionally exceptional. Ronin opens at 8 am thus early risers love this joint.

Where to find: 17 hong kong St, Singapore 059660


This secret bar is co-owned by chef Andre Chiang, is fun and fabulous. to get to it, you’ll have to be compelled to enter through a backdoor or walk through an old restaurant. The decoration is stunning; the food delicious, and also the atmosphere continuously very cool.
Where to find: 01-19, 78 Moh guan Terrace, 162078

Restaurant Andre

Taiwanese-born Andre Chiang is without a doubt the king of Singapore’s culinary world. His fashionable French fine-diner is hierarchal because the second best eating place in Southeast Asia and has two Michelin stars. A meal at Andre is comparable to experiencing an excellent work of art, one that not only has the ability overwhelm your senses but that speaks to your soul.

Where to find:

41 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089855

Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends could be city’s single preferred and treasured eating place. The restaurant is made around a custom-made , wood-burning brick oven, whose specifications were drawn up by chef-owner David Pynt himself. Diners sit at an 18 seat counter. there’s additionally one little table on the ground floor. Recently, the restaurant has expanded to incorporate a second-floor private eating area. The food is marvelous comforting, delicious, and that includes the best possible ingredients. each meal at Burnt Ends looks like a celebration, which can justify why entering into thus damned is hard.

Where to find: 20 Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 088391

Top Ten Speakeasies in the US

In 1933, the prohibition on serving and selling alcohol was lifted in the US, making the underground bars, the speakeasies obsolete. In recent years, speakeasies have seen a resurgence of interest. The top ten speakeasies in the US feature some amazing themed décor, killer drinks, and of course, require a bit of work to get into. Most of these bars have a password of the night—some will give it over the phone, some will not.

1. PDT, New York City

PDT (please don’t tell) is a low-ceilinged bar, tucked away in the East Village. To get in, step into the phone booth out front and dial one. Wait for your call to be answered and step inside to a brick and wood bar, with illuminated countertops, and taxidermied animals. You’ll need to call ahead to make sure they have space for you—PDT is in high demand and does not open until 3 AM. Their cocktail list is curated perfectly and features unexpected flavors like an Old Fashioned made with bacon-infused bourbon.

2. Williams & Graham, Denver

Williams & Graham is set behind a bookshop—you’ll have to lift the book “Savoy” to enter. The actual bar looks more like a gentleman’s study with books and sturdy liquors. The staff offers a personalized touch, making sure to get your drinks just right.

3. Angel’s Share, New York City

Angel’s Share is just behind an unmarked door of a yakitori restaurant in Yokocho Village and is one of the most exclusive bars in the city. Only groups of four or fewer are permitted inside, with a strict no-standing guests policy. The strong Japanese cocktails pair beautifully with simple snacks of fried oysters and sashimi. For whiskey lovers, Stormy Weather is the drink to try with cinnamon infused whiskey, fresh lime and ginger, ginger wine, and ginger ale.

4. Midnight Cowboy, Austin

Located on 6th street, you’ll need to make reservations first, and look for signs that read “Modeling” and “Oriental Massage” before buzzing up and asking for “Harry Craddock.” The former brothel is now one of Austin’s cleanest and highest rated bars. Reservations can only be made for a two-hour window. The cocktail menu changes, always with fresh, local ingredients, and creative concepts.

5. Nobel Experiment, San Diego

You’ll have to text a week in advance to get a reservation and when you get there, open a wall of what looks like kegs to enter. This bar is half cocktail lounge half mad scientist’s lab with custom drinks being their specialty. Their bartenders whip amazing cocktails every time—let them know your preferred booze and flavors and they’ll create your perfect beverage.

6. Circa33, Portland, Oregon

This mafia themed bar is accessed using the “mafia” book on a bookshelf outside of the main bar. Circa 33 has a full dinner menu as well as classic prohibition era drinks. They have a pool table, darts, and sometimes feature live music.

7. Le Descarga, Los Angeles

There is a sign outside of the bar, but you’ll still need to crawl past a rack of clothes in a wardrobe to go inside. With live jazz, amazing rum, and accompanying cigars, Le Descarga is a quick trip to Havana inside LA’s Koreatown.

8. Room 13, Chicago

For a real prohibition era feel, Room 13, only serves alcohol that was available at the time and a strict dress code is enforced. Room 13 is located inside Old Chicago Inn and is only open to guests of the hotel, members of the club, and guests of either. You’ll need to find the red-lit gate in the alley with “RM-13” on it and tell the doorman the password of the night.

9. Wilson & Wilson Private Detective Agency, San Francisco

To get into W&W, you have to go through another speakeasy first, Bourbon and Branch and know the passwords for both. There is a bell to ring and you will need to be verified and then you can step into W&W. This exclusive bar, features a film noir theme, spice-infused cocktails, and delicious menu.

10. The Varnish, Los Angeles

Enter through Cole’s sandwich shop and find the door marked with a sketch of a cocktail. Inside you’ll find Old Hollywood glam, handcrafted drinks, chipped ice, and mustachioed staff.

Super Easy Recipes By Jamie Oliver & Gordon Ramsay

Super Easy Recipes By Jamie Oliver & Gordon Ramsay

If you love to eat and passionate about cooking, then you must know these names. Yes! Jamie
Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, who are considered among the most popular culinary professionals all around the globe. These two international chefs have shown the world how delicate, sophisticated and full of art cooking can ever be. They both also have signature dishes, which are not much tricky, and not complicated at all. Here, you will find some of the delicious but simple recipes by Oliver and Ramsay, which include such simple ingredients and so easy to make that even novice cooks can prepare these to impress their friends and families.

Easy Sausage Carbonara by Jamie: This is a super easy pasta recipe that has only a few ingredients, serves 2 (633 Calories/serving) and can be cooked under 15 minutes. Let’s see the list of ingredients followed by the simple cooking process.


– 150 g dried tagliatelle

– 3 sausages

-1 large egg (beaten)

-30 g Parmesan cheese(grated)

Cooking process:

Following the instructions on the packet, cook the pasta with salt. Keep a cup of cooking water discarding the rest and keep the pasta aside. While the pasta is being cooked, take out the sausages from the parchment and with wet hands rapidly make 18 balls of equal size. Coat them by rolling in ground black pepper. Now heat a non-stick frying pan over medium flame, and cook the balls
with olive oil tossing regularly until they are cooked evenly and golden in color. Turn the flame off. Chop the bunch of parsley finely and mix the egg with a dash of cooking water of pasta. Now toss the drained pasta and pour the egg-parsley mixture in the pan along with most of the Parmesan cheese with
cooked sausage-balls and keep flipping for a minute while the egg will be cooked gently in the remaining heat of the pan. Finally mix a generous splash of remained cooking water, loosening the pasta and garnish with rest of the Parmesan. You might add sea salt, black pepper powder or red chili flakes according to your taste.

Broccoli Soup by Jamie: Another super-easy, gluten-free vegetarian recipe that serves 3(115 calories/serving) and can be made within 20 minutes. Below are the ingredient list and the cooking process.


– 1 clove of garlic

– 2 sticks of celery

– 400 g= broccoli

– olive oil

– 1-litre stock

– ricotta cheese

Cooking process: After peeling, chop the garlic finely, cut and dice Take only the mint leaves of the stalks and finely mince them, reserving just a few leaves for garnishing. In a skillet, saute with a little olive oil for a couple of minutes until they are soft. Now add broccoli, and the stock and keep cooking for 5 minutes. Blend this mixture with minced mints in a blender or food processor. Transfer the mixture in bowls, season well with salt and pepper, then grate the cheese on top and finally sprinkle the mint leaves.

This can be a healthier version of regular crips delivering both sweetness and crunch that
you crave for every now and then. It is a delicious choice for both children and adults. It has only 2 ingredients and unbelievably simple cooking process.


– 2 apples

– 2 bananas(peeled)

Cooking process: Preheat the oven at 90˚C/gas ¼. Cover couple of baking sheets. Slice all the fruits as thinly as you can on the baking sheets (1 tray for apples, another for bananas). Insert
for 1 1/2-2 hours. Bananas will take more time than apples, so check the tray of apples after 1 and half hours. Once baked evenly, take out the trays and keep aside to cool down. You can eat them
immediately or store up to a week in an airtight jar.

Sea Bream by Gordon: Not only sea bream, you can serve any kind of fish fillets, like cod or sea bass, with this incredible recipe. It goes very well with the fish as a perfect vinaigrette blending in all the flavors. Here are the simple ingredients with instructions for cooking.


– 2 sea
bream fillets, ( each around 150g)

– olive oil
to fry the fish

-olive oil

– 200g cherry tomatoes

-Small bunch of coriander

– Small bunch of basil

– 1 lemon

– Sea salt and freshly powdered black pepper

Cooking process: To make the salsa, heat a small pan over medium heat and pour 3 tablespoon olive oil. Cut the tomatoes in half, and add to the oil with olives. Season according to taste with salt, and black pepper and keep tossing for 2-3 minutes then set aside. Take the coriander and basil leaves off the stalks and chop finely, mix with the salsa, reserving a handful to garnish later. Cut the
lemon in half and squeeze a piece over the salsa and combine evenly. Now heat a pan with heavy-base over a high flame and add a generous splash of olive oil. While the oil heats up, score the fillets with a sharp knife. Season the fish with salt, and pepper and cook in the hot pan for 3-4 minutes until the skin is crispy and the fish turns deep golden. Now flip the fillets and fry the other side for another 1 minute or two until cooked through. Put salsa on plates, and set the fish on top, and garnish with remaining basil and coriander leaves.

The History of Our Favourite Celebrity Chefs – Bourdain, Batali, Fieri, and Puck

Chefs of this era are a combination of all – globetrotters, mentors, celebrities, writers and bloggers. They have modified not just the food but also the way of cooking and running the kitchens. In this article, we will check out famous celebrity chefs who managed to mint a sweet image, spreading the fresh aroma all around, and also a few who are known for grinding bitter & sour spices.

Anthony Bourdain

He is idolized by millions out there. And surely, there are pretty good reasons for that. He grabbed the spotlight with his bestselling book Kitchen Confidential, which gave insights to the restaurant kitchens and the culinary industry, followed by 12 other publications, out of which another 2 became New-York Times Best Sellers.
From reforming as a drug addict to becoming one of the most revered TV chefs around the world, his journey has been an inspirational one. He is an Emmy Award Winner along with a Peabody Award garnishing his career platter. From hosting cuisines and travel shows to launching international food hall Baourdain Market, he without doubt deserves to be in the list of best chefs.

Mario Batali

After authoring 11 cookbooks, for one of which Mario Batali was awarded James Beard Award, there remains no space for any confusion or debate that Batali is one of the best and most famous chefs to ever grace our televisions.
Along with being the co-owner of 25+ acclaimed restaurants that are spread across New York, California, Las Vegas, Singapore, Chicago, Boston and Connecticut, Batali has another feather in his chef cap – Eataly NYC which is the world’s biggest wine and artisanal Italian food marketplace. His shows like Good Morning America are quite popular and regular over Food Network. Batali is also a part of The Chew- ABC’s award winning food-themed talk show.

Wolfgang Puck

For Puck, many would say that he is the one who blended French Techniques with California and Asian influence. The present day culinary excellence owned by California and Las Vegas is built by none other than Chef Wolfgang Puck. He also owns the credit for popularising Asian flavours in America. Presently, Puck owns over 30 fine dining restaurants in Europe, Asia, North America, and Middle East. In addition, Puck’s franchises (50+) are also involved in packaged foods & beverages, and cook books.

His co-founded companies are known for hosting Academy Awards banquets, presidential parties, along with in-house dining services. The list of his achievements would not be completed without the mention of the fact that he is the only chef to have won James-Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Chef of the Year, several times.

Guy Fieri- Is he really a Culinary Catastrophe?

Guy Fieri is one of the chefs who have a love-hate relationship with the masses with the scale often tilting towards the hate direction. The following are some of the points that have earned him a place in the bad books of some of his fans.

– His offensive, threatening, anti-Semitic and homophobic tone is not well accepted by the people, casting him as not so popular celebrity chef.

– The recipes are more of unhealthy ones along with the pitch and harsh tone of his voice in the Food Networks programs; a complete contrast to subtle and pacifying voices of other popular chefs.

– He has an image of self-proclaimed and egotistical personality, who anyhow lacks even the proper culinary training.
– Crude, rude, rough, annoying- you name it; he has it and offers the same.
Did we miss on anything or anyone important? Share it with Us

10 Amazing Recipes From Around The World

All the four corners of the earth have one thing in common, the value bestowed on food. All cultures in the world treat food with such significance such that there is food to mark different occasions and to celebrate ceremonies. They say the way to man’s heart is through food and good food keeps the woman in the house. In the ancient days, the best hunter kept the ladies because his skills brought along sustainable food economics. On this note, I shall give to you the best ranked food recipes in the world with no preference to the culture or the area of the food recipe origin.

List of 10 food recipes you should order today.

1. Ugali, kales and beef from Kenya. This is a popular dish in Kenya, East Africa. It is easy to prepare and only takes minutes since the ugali is fast to cook. Ugali is made using maize floor and is very delicious and nutritious. On your next visit Kenya do not forget to order this meal.

2. Crockpot BBQ chicken. Originating from Ukraine, this recipe is rich in proteins and is incredibly delicious. The chicken is slow-barbecued and requires patience. Gives you time to sip a glass of wine or engage your partner in a conversation while waiting for this dish. It is best served in coconut coleslaw with fresh dill pickle chips. Yummy, isn’t it?

3. Swedish meatballs. As the name suggests this dish has its origins from Sweden. It is a delicious meal recommended for two, say on a romantic date. Its delightful aroma and amazing taste will leave you wanting more. It is best served with spaghetti and glass of fruit juice of your choice.

4. French onion chicken. This dish has its origin from France. As the name proposes, there are a lot of onions in this recipe. Therefore, if you love onions this is the dish for you. It is good for family occasions and can serve around 5 people. It is best served with baked potatoes.

5. Shisa nyama, South Africa. The name literally means porridge with meat. Next time you plan a trip in Durban make sure to try this enchanting meal which entails meat barbecued in the open fire and maize floor cooked to solid form.

6. Piripiri chicken. This is a popular cuisine for tourists visiting Mozambique in Africa. The chicken dish is largely influenced by the Arabic art of food which entails spices such as pepper, garlic, coconut milk and the piri piri souce. This dish is served with cassava leaves dipped in yummy peanut sauce.

7. Shrimp scampi. This recipe is rich in irons and its preparation time is comparatively shorter as compared to other shrimp dishes. The ingredients needed include lemons, herbs and it best served with pasta.

8. Marple pork chops. This is one of my all-time favorite. A perfect grill and marinade makes this dish a mouthwatering phenomenon.

9. Vanilla cup cake. For those of you who are cake lovers, this is no doubt the perfect dessert especially when served with vanilla frosting and a fresh berry on top.

10. Chicken noodle soup. If you are looking for a starter in a seven course meal I would highly recommend this dish. It brings with it an appetizing taste leaving you wanting more.

6 Cool and Unconventional Things You Can Buy Online

Who doesn’t like to lay back on the couch on Sunday afternoons and yet doesn’t hold back on the important chores? Pick up your phone, tablet or computer to start ordering online so you can enjoy and relax after that long weekend on work!

There is a never-ending list of what you can buy online. However, we have made a rundown of the 6 coolest things you can buy online to show-off or ease your life with

  1. Mesh Bag
  2. mesh bag

Why get into the hassle of hand-washing your sneakers while you can do that on your machine? Here is an amazing mesh bag and affordable thing to order online as a solution. These mesh bag will safely hold your sneakers inside the washing machine in a polyester bag. You just need to toss your dirt sneakers inside the bag, add detergent, set the timer, let it dry, and voila! It will be good as new!

  1. Beer Muscle Mug

Everyone wants to stay fit and look healthy. With this cool invention, you can enjoy your drink and build your muscles at the same time. If you are wondering how to that, here is a beer muscle mug that has a built-in grip exerciser. So now you can do unhealthy things without comprising your health! Cool, right!?

  1. Ostrich Pillow

Regardless of where you will be, you can enjoy a quick nap when you are using this ostrich pillow. The basic purpose to use this pillow is to shut everything else happening around you so you could peacefully relax. It is the best solution if you work in a noisy neighborhood. It might look somewhat peculiar, yet what difference does it make? You will be cozy and comfy, and that is all that truly matters.

  1. Imported Food Products

If you are evaluating the possibility whether this can be true or not, well believe it by ordering your favorite imported food product online today! You don’t need to use any substitutions in your favorite recipes if the ingredients aren’t available in your country, you can easily order it online. For example we’ve seen products range from Truffle Olive Oil all the way to groceries from specific countries!

  1. Pet Umbrella

If you own a pet, you got to buy this creative pet umbrella to get rid of drying your pet again and again in rainy seasons. This pet umbrella keeps your pet dry, and it has a built-in chain hook!

  1. Robotic Suitcase

This completely self-sufficient, robotic suitcase is the ideal travel partner. In case if you are wondering how it works, it uses a signal sent by your phone and follows the signal at around 7 miles per hour. It also easily moves through the crowd both horizontally and vertically. It is incorporated with sensors that avoid crashing into walls, objects, and other people. It consists a battery along with a USB port that can also charge your electronic devices. It has around four hours of battery life (however it can be put into standby mode when you’re not strolling to spare battery life), and it can be charged utilizing wireless charging technology.