10 Amazing Recipes From Around The World

All the four corners of the earth have one thing in common, the value bestowed on food. All cultures in the world treat food with such significance such that there is food to mark different occasions and to celebrate ceremonies. They say the way to man’s heart is through food and good food keeps the woman in the house. In the ancient days, the best hunter kept the ladies because his skills brought along sustainable food economics. On this note, I shall give to you the best ranked food recipes in the world with no preference to the culture or the area of the food recipe origin.

List of 10 food recipes you should order today.

1. Ugali, kales and beef from Kenya. This is a popular dish in Kenya, East Africa. It is easy to prepare and only takes minutes since the ugali is fast to cook. Ugali is made using maize floor and is very delicious and nutritious. On your next visit Kenya do not forget to order this meal.

2. Crockpot BBQ chicken. Originating from Ukraine, this recipe is rich in proteins and is incredibly delicious. The chicken is slow-barbecued and requires patience. Gives you time to sip a glass of wine or engage your partner in a conversation while waiting for this dish. It is best served in coconut coleslaw with fresh dill pickle chips. Yummy, isn’t it?

3. Swedish meatballs. As the name suggests this dish has its origins from Sweden. It is a delicious meal recommended for two, say on a romantic date. Its delightful aroma and amazing taste will leave you wanting more. It is best served with spaghetti and glass of fruit juice of your choice.

4. French onion chicken. This dish has its origin from France. As the name proposes, there are a lot of onions in this recipe. Therefore, if you love onions this is the dish for you. It is good for family occasions and can serve around 5 people. It is best served with baked potatoes.

5. Shisa nyama, South Africa. The name literally means porridge with meat. Next time you plan a trip in Durban make sure to try this enchanting meal which entails meat barbecued in the open fire and maize floor cooked to solid form.

6. Piripiri chicken. This is a popular cuisine for tourists visiting Mozambique in Africa. The chicken dish is largely influenced by the Arabic art of food which entails spices such as pepper, garlic, coconut milk and the piri piri souce. This dish is served with cassava leaves dipped in yummy peanut sauce.

7. Shrimp scampi. This recipe is rich in irons and its preparation time is comparatively shorter as compared to other shrimp dishes. The ingredients needed include lemons, herbs and it best served with pasta.

8. Marple pork chops. This is one of my all-time favorite. A perfect grill and marinade makes this dish a mouthwatering phenomenon.

9. Vanilla cup cake. For those of you who are cake lovers, this is no doubt the perfect dessert especially when served with vanilla frosting and a fresh berry on top.

10. Chicken noodle soup. If you are looking for a starter in a seven course meal I would highly recommend this dish. It brings with it an appetizing taste leaving you wanting more.