The History of Our Favourite Celebrity Chefs – Bourdain, Batali, Fieri, and Puck

Chefs of this era are a combination of all – globetrotters, mentors, celebrities, writers and bloggers. They have modified not just the food but also the way of cooking and running the kitchens. In this article, we will check out famous celebrity chefs who managed to mint a sweet image, spreading the fresh aroma all around, and also a few who are known for grinding bitter & sour spices.

Anthony Bourdain

He is idolized by millions out there. And surely, there are pretty good reasons for that. He grabbed the spotlight with his bestselling book Kitchen Confidential, which gave insights to the restaurant kitchens and the culinary industry, followed by 12 other publications, out of which another 2 became New-York Times Best Sellers.
From reforming as a drug addict to becoming one of the most revered TV chefs around the world, his journey has been an inspirational one. He is an Emmy Award Winner along with a Peabody Award garnishing his career platter. From hosting cuisines and travel shows to launching international food hall Baourdain Market, he without doubt deserves to be in the list of best chefs.

Mario Batali

After authoring 11 cookbooks, for one of which Mario Batali was awarded James Beard Award, there remains no space for any confusion or debate that Batali is one of the best and most famous chefs to ever grace our televisions.
Along with being the co-owner of 25+ acclaimed restaurants that are spread across New York, California, Las Vegas, Singapore, Chicago, Boston and Connecticut, Batali has another feather in his chef cap – Eataly NYC which is the world’s biggest wine and artisanal Italian food marketplace. His shows like Good Morning America are quite popular and regular over Food Network. Batali is also a part of The Chew- ABC’s award winning food-themed talk show.

Wolfgang Puck

For Puck, many would say that he is the one who blended French Techniques with California and Asian influence. The present day culinary excellence owned by California and Las Vegas is built by none other than Chef Wolfgang Puck. He also owns the credit for popularising Asian flavours in America. Presently, Puck owns over 30 fine dining restaurants in Europe, Asia, North America, and Middle East. In addition, Puck’s franchises (50+) are also involved in packaged foods & beverages, and cook books.

His co-founded companies are known for hosting Academy Awards banquets, presidential parties, along with in-house dining services. The list of his achievements would not be completed without the mention of the fact that he is the only chef to have won James-Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Chef of the Year, several times.

Guy Fieri- Is he really a Culinary Catastrophe?

Guy Fieri is one of the chefs who have a love-hate relationship with the masses with the scale often tilting towards the hate direction. The following are some of the points that have earned him a place in the bad books of some of his fans.

– His offensive, threatening, anti-Semitic and homophobic tone is not well accepted by the people, casting him as not so popular celebrity chef.

– The recipes are more of unhealthy ones along with the pitch and harsh tone of his voice in the Food Networks programs; a complete contrast to subtle and pacifying voices of other popular chefs.

– He has an image of self-proclaimed and egotistical personality, who anyhow lacks even the proper culinary training.
– Crude, rude, rough, annoying- you name it; he has it and offers the same.
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