5 New Fast Food Shops that are making noise

Dedicated fans of fast food always want to know what else is new. They are searching for the top ranked fast food shops on the market. There are new rising leaders that want to make a difference today. Check to see what new fast food icons are ready to make their debut. That could change the way that people look at fast food on the whole. There are many new fast food shops that are going to be a success. Fans should put their effort in to supporting the new ideas. They will be pleased by the options that they see offered to them.

By Chloe:

A new vegan fast food restaurant is starting a trend. The founders raised $31 million and hope to expand their locations. They currently have 12 shops based in cities like NYC, Los Angeles and Boston. The group hopes to popularize vegan food for new fans. There are groups hoping to expand the availability of the food selection in time. Expect to see over a dozen new restaurants open up in cities across America. By Chloe is a shining beacon of vegan fast food treats. True vegan fanatics will want to give By Chloe a chance in short order.


Come see why fast foodies rave about Leon in the United Kingdom. It is a food chain that specializes in European favorites in their stores. Now Leon is coming to the United States and will share the food with new fans. Expect to see a full English breakfast on the menu, which includes beans and sausage alongside a fried egg. There is also Lebanese options and a Moroccan dish to try. Breakfast is a popular choice, but all day menu items are also included with the choice. Leon will be serving drinks that appeal to European food fans as well.

The Kitchenette:

The new restaurant was founded by Kimbal Musk, the brother of famous entrepreneur Elon Musk. That should catch the attention of modern people who want to try something new in time. The Kitchentte serves a wide variety of lunch items for just $5 at max. New patrons can sit outside and enjoy the warm weather at the restaurant. It is located in Memphis, TN and caters to the needs of people who are interested in that option. The Kitchenette is at the visitor’s center of Shelby Farms Park:


An interesting new concept is being touted by Eatsa. It is an automated food service that invites people to order their own food. They can just use their iPad device to place an order. The vegetarian chain is making it even easier to order food. That will make the experience much fun to people.

Veggie Grill:

There is a new vegan cafe that is making some big claims. They claim their vegan burgers taste better than the Big Mac. That is a bold claim indeed, but fans are giving their support to it. Veggie Grill has some cheap options and people are intrigued too.