The Benefits of Organic Wine and Organic vs. Non-Organic

As an avid wine drinker, you’ve likely encountered several articles and influencers who strongly advocate organic wine. Numerous wine enthusiasts have switched over to the more natural side as well. However, relying on such statistics alone won’t help you much when it comes to deciding. Are you among the many individuals who wonder why the organic wine industry is currently booming? Let’s explore some benefits of drinking organic wine below.

What Makes Such Wines Organic

Just like many other wine products, organic wine historically comes from farm-fresh grapes. The harvesting and fermenting processes implemented for these grapes primarily determine whether a wine is organic or not. Not only that, but wine products should also comply with specified standards before they can carry the “organic” label.

Some people think that just because these wines are organic automatically means they don’t have additives and are vegan-friendly. However, that is very likely not the case in most situations. Other organic wine products include egg whites, yeast, rennet, and more. You should probably take the time to inspect the ingredients list, especially if you are vegan.

The Benefits of Organic Wine

We can now move on to some of organic wine’s numerous benefits, now that you know what makes these wines organic.

Contains Little to No Harmful Additives

Non-organic wines sometimes contain synthetic additives, GMOs, and sulfites. The particular ones you should look out for among these controversial add-ons are sulfites. Experts generally recommend minimizing sulfite intake since this substance can trigger allergic reactions. The good thing is that a bottle of organic wine typically has little to no additives.

Not Harmful to the Environment

Unlike the processes involved in making non-organic wine, those utilized for producing organic variants are much friendlier to the environment. Organic farming practices also help the soil fight harmful contaminants, and this promotes long-term biodiversity. Eco-conscious folks surely won’t go wrong in opting for organic wines instead.

Lower Alcohol Content

It is safe to say that the majority of wine drinkers love wine for its unique taste. Considering that organic wines usually have less alcohol, drinking a little too much won’t require you to deal with a pesky hangover. The lower alcohol content would allow you to savor another glass of wine without feeling guilty.

Improved Overall Health

Drinking wine in moderation might help you achieve improved overall health. Organic wine contains high levels of a specific antioxidant called resveratrol. This type of stilbenoid can improve heart health, fight free radicals, decrease triglyceride levels, protect against diabetes, and many more. Nevertheless, following a healthy diet is still crucial in attaining good health.

Organic Wine vs. Non-Organic Wine

Excessive doses of alcohol alone can take a toll on your health. By consuming non-organic wine, you’ll make the situation even worse by taking in harmful additives. The human body can only do so much when it comes to eliminating such substances. Why don’t you do yourself a favor by going for organic wine products? Doing so would let you enjoy the flavorful taste of fermented grapes with no regrets.